Over two hundred and fifty tests have been conducted by or under the auspices of the American Polygraph Association in the past seventy five years on the accuracy of polygraph testing. Since a polygraph examination is a very complex process, and many different conditions and factors are involved in this research, it is difficult to draw from the data a precise figure for the accuracy of polygraph testing in all settings.

However, various independent studies have concluded an accuracy rate of at least 98%, if conducted by a competent examiner, for specific issue investigations. Pre-employment testing is considered to be more or less just as accurate.


Employee Theft

Three out of four of your employees will steal from you this year, according the US chamber of commerce. One of these people will steal repeatedly or has already done so. Let this situation continue and your business has a one in three chance of declaring bankruptcy and going under. 

Employee thefts statistics show that companies in the United States will lose between $20 and $40 billion to small scale pilfering and large-scale embezzlement. If you already have effective controls in place, you may notice the cash, office supplies or inventory items that go missing. If you are like all small business managers, however, you have too many duties on your plate to notice the other thefts happening behind your back. Trade secrets, internal documents proprietary technology can all slip out of your organization for years without anyone noticing. In fact, 75% of employees are never caught.



Polygraph Solutions is a business concern in Namibia currently rendering a professional polygraph service country-wide and in neighbouring countries. We are also in the process of rapidly expanding our high standard of service to other areas.

We are internationally trained and accredited.

We make use of proven and recognized techniques using only the very best computerized equipment currently available on the international market, thus ensuring only the highest quality of service to our clients.

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Dedicated to Our Clients -  Code of Conduct

It is important to note that our clients and subjects are treated with the utmost professionalism; we are impartial with all results to insure that you receive the highest accuracy possible. We take pride in providing quality results.

We are always up to date with all scientific research in this field. All equipment and techniques used are of the highest and most recent standards.

We understand how important it is in keeping the correct framework for polygraph testing in the law and labour arena.

Each case is unique and dealt with as such. All investigations are approached on a case by case basis so the concept of fairness to both employer and employee, the balance of rights and competing rights are met.

By applying the rule of consistency we ensure the evidence we provide is admissible in a labour court. The evidence ads as corroborating evidence and are of high value and necessary to prove elements in the transgression. We know our facts and we are always up to date our notes and reports. We will always be able to provide all necessary documentaries, evidence of experience, qualifications and accreditation.